Classic School Search

Ideal for families who need help and advice in identifying schools but prefer to navigate the admissions process alone afterwards.

Types of Schools

Families use this school search service to search for private schools (including international schools).

Types of families

  • Families who need help and advice in identifying Two schools but prefer to navigate the admissions process alone afterwards.
  • Families who seek professional guidance when selecting their child’s school in Madrid whilst also keen to manage communication with the school.


  • Saves you time and energy, avoiding unnecessary stress.
  • Reassurance that you are selecting the right school for your child in Madrid. 


  • The Classic School Search begins with an in depth questionnaire helping me to get to know your family so when we have our first call I already have a clear idea of the needs of your child and any particular education requirements.
  • I will guide you through the different school options and explain how school system in Madrid works.
  • I will then provide detailed information on Two schools for your child (availability confirmed). This list of schools is devised to match your requirements.
  • I will schedule a follow-up meeting once the application deadline is closer to support you and guide you in this decision.
  • Email and telephone support are ongoing up to application submission.

We are so happy we contacted Sinead at Steps into Spain while trying to navigate finding a school for our two kids. We were researching schools in Spain prior to our move there, while living in the US, which was difficult. It helped so much to have a thoughtful person “on the inside,” to make recommendations. We thought we had looked at every school in Madrid, but Sinead turned us on to one we hadn’t been considering and it ended up being our top choice. Now the kids have been accepted at that school and it is a huge weight off my shoulders, that we have found a school where we think they will thrive. And it is all thanks to Sinead! She was very communicative throughout the process and I always felt I could reach out to her with any questions or issues that arose. I really trusted her experienced advice. I would wholeheartedly recommend that any parent relocating to Spain reach out to Sinead.

Jennifer Hunter

American family

Sinead was wonderful to work with. She delivered the school we were looking for, quickly and under pressure. She also helped us find a lawyer to deal with our visa issues. Excellent communication and follow-up. Very strong recommendation!

Chris Busbee

American family