Late school application

Ideal for families who wish to apply to public/concertado schools outside of regular application dates.


Public – Concertado


  • Families who missed out on the regular application dates (usually in April).
  • Families relocating from the Southern Hemisphere where the academic year aligns with the calendar year. 
  • Families who arrive in Madrid over summer.


  • A friendly and reassuring face compared to zero friendly state websites. 
  • Confidence that you are completing the application process correctly and on time.
  • In person asssistance at local educaton office.
  • In person assistance with enrolment at selected school.


  • Online interview with parents to determine needs and goals as well as social, geographic and financial considerations.

  • Explain the different school options (public / concertado) and how they differ.

  • Identify Four public/concertado schools in your area (max. two neighbourhoods) that meet your requirements.

  • Online meeting to review school options and neighbourhoods and clarify timings.

  • Advise on all necessary application paperwork (*In person assistance with empadronamiento available).

  • Schedule and accompany you to appointment at Education office (SAE) if necessary.

  • Manage communication with the school.

  • In person assistance with enrolment.

  • Advise on school books and supplies including introductions to PA (AMPA).

FEES: 725€ (additional sibling 100€)

From start to finish. 5stars
We missed the first schedule of enrollment (March) due to our delayed arrival in Spain (June) so we got a schedule for the second batch of enrollment. From our appointment date up to enrollment, everytjing went without a hitch. We have a school. Thank you Sinead and Steps into Spain! More power to you

Marco Ripoll

Filipino family

Steps into Spain made it super easy for us to choose our daughters school in Madrid and the registration process a breeze! Thank you Sinead for helping our family setting up in this adventure!

Matias Cavanna

Argentinian family