The Late application Lifeline

Ideal for families who wish to apply to public/concertado schools outside of regular application dates.


Public – Concertado


  • Families who missed out on the regular application dates (usually in April).
  • Families relocating from the Southern Hemisphere, where the academic year aligns with the calendar year. 
  • Families who arrive in Madrid over summer and need to enrol their child in school immediately.

Benefits of Late  Application Lifeline

  • A friendly and reassuring guide compared to zero friendly and impersonal state websites.
  • Personalized expert guidance and support to ensure you complete the application process correctly and on time.

  • In-person assistance to local education offices and provide in-person assistance with enrolment at the selected school.

  • Comprehensive support: I handle all aspects of the late application process, from navigating paperwork to scheduling appointments and managing communication with the school.

way of working

  • Initial online interview with parents to determine needs and goals as well as social, geographic and financial considerations.
  • School options explanation: a comprehensive overview of the different school options (public and concertado) and their unique characteristics.

  • Search school: I’ll find 4 public/concertado schools in your area (max. 2 neighbourhoods) that meet your requirements.
  • School review and timing clarification: an online meeting to discuss the selected schools and neighbourhoods, clarifying application timelines and procedures.

  • Application paperwork assistance, including assistance with empadronamiento (city registration) if required*.
  • Education office appointment support: Schedule and accompany you to appointment at the Education office (SAE) to ensure a smooth and efficient registration process.

  • School communication management with the selected school, keeping you informed of all updates and requirements.

FEES: 550€ (additional sibling 100€)

Additional in person enrolment support available upon request that includes: 

  • Enrolment assistance: in-person assistance with enrolment procedures (lots and lots of documents to sign).

  • Information and assistance on obtaining required books and school uniforms.

  • School supplies and AMPA introduction: advice on necessary school books and supplies and make introductions to the school’s Parent-Teacher Association (AMPA) to sign up to afterschool activities. 

  • School lunches registration.

FEES: 200€ (per school)