the royal treatment

Ideal for families who need support and advice throughout the Search, Selection, and Enrolment school process.


Private – Concertado – Public


  • Families relocating to Spain who are unfamiliar with schools in Madrid (and neighbourhoods).
  • Families feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of school choices and need professional guidance to find the right school for their children.
  • Families who are time pressed and need somebody else to do the heavy lifting of searching schools and manage the applications and enrolment process.

Benefits of The Royal Treatment 

  • Save time and energy: I’ll handle the entire school search process, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of relocating your family or your work commitments.

  • Expert guidance and support: Receive personalized advice from an experienced education consultant throughout the entire process. And even longer, as I always like to check in throughout the school year.

  • Peace of mind: Rest assured that you found the best school for your children, fostering their academic growth and personal development.

Way of working

  • Online Questionnaire: The Royal Treatment Search h begins with an online questionnaire where I find out everything relevant about your child, your family, your circumstances, and what is important for you in a school.
  • Initial Online Meeting: to ensure that your priorities and requirements are crystal clear. And to guide you through the different school options in Madrid and what would best suit your child.
  • School Recommendations: Based on your specific needs, I’ll carefully select 3 schools for your child and prepare a detailed summary of each school (available places confirmed).
  • School Proposal Review: Online meeting to review and discuss the schools selection.
  • School Visits: I’ll schedule 3 school visits and advise on any required assessments. I’ll accompany you on school visits (in person or online) as required (3 max).
  • Post-Visit Review: to discuss all aspects and select the best school for your kids.
  • School Application Support: I’ll manage ongoing communication with the schools and support you through the application process, providing information about all specific documents required.
  • Neighbourhood Recommendations: considering school commute, bus routes and lifestyle choices.
  • Advise on uniforms, school books and supplies.
  • Ongoing Support: Email and telephone support throughout the process.
  • First Trimester Check-in: to discuss anything else that may have arisen.

FEES: 1,150€  (Additional sibling 100€)