I’ll help you to search for the Best School for your Child in Madrid


Sinéad’s School Search Services provides parents and children with personalized support and tailored educational options to navigate the complex landscape of school options in Madrid.

Your child’s education and well-being are my top priorities, and I will work closely with you throughout the entire school search process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Whether you’re seeking a quick consultation to address a specific concern or comprehensive guidance throughout the school search process, I have a package that suits your family’s unique needs. To ensure a deep understanding of your child’s requirements and aspirations, I’ll begin by gathering detailed information through an in-depth questionnaire. This initial step allows me to tailor our initial conversation and subsequent recommendations to your specific situation.

The school search packages vary depending on the level of support and range from an online consultation to a fully bespoke service tailored to meet complex, urgent or other specific circumstances.

Education Hourglass

This 1h consultation meeting is designed for families who need assistance with a specific issue or question related to relocating their family or finding the right school for their kids but, at this stage, do not require a comprehensive school search.

The shared journey

This is ideal for families who need advice in finding the right school for their kids, but prefer to navigate the enrolment process alone afterward. I’ll carefully select 2 schools and provide you with in-depth information to make an informed decision about your child’s education.

the royal treatment

This is ideal for families who need support and advice in every step of the way of finding the right school for their children. I’ll carefully select 3 schools and I will join you on school visits to provide insights and guidance.

the Late Application lifeline

This is ideal for families who wish to apply to public or concertado schools but have missed the regular application dates (usually some time in April). I’ll guide you on navigating the requirements and procedures for late applications.