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Finding Schools in Spain

Finding the right school for their child is never an easy task. And finding the right school in Madrid can prove  even more difficult if you do not have a good grasp of the Spanish education system (or the local language). We provide clear support and will guide you through the maze of schooling options to help you in your decision-making. We offer bespoke, informed and impartial advice. We will explain how the Spanish schools system really works and will provide a list of schools that match your family’s requirements, both educational and financial. We will work closely with you throughout the school search process, providing support and guidance from start to finish. Our professional and  personal experience with schools in Madrid ensure that together we can secure the best  school in Spain for your child.

Family relocation to Spain

We can take the stress out of moving. We work with reliable property search companies to help with your house search needs. We collaborate with respectable immigration consultants to guide you in every step of the way through the visa and permits processes for Spain making sure you know everything about what to do and where to do it. Our trustworthy associates  (tax advisors, language teachers, interior designers, home help agencies etc.) cover the essentials of what you need when arriving in Spain.

We draw on our personal experience, local expertise    and extensive network to ease your family’s transition to life in Spain.

We’ve had a great experience working with Sinead and the Steps into Spain Team as we explored coming to live in Madrid from the US for a year. Our focus has been on finding the right school(s) for our kids; they have excelled in hearing what we were looking for, finding a number of schools that met our criteria, talking us through the various options, and making personal connections at our top choice schools. They’ve also had advice on neighborhoods to live in and other important details regarding the transition. We could not have done this without them! We’ll continue to use their services as we get closer to our move date. Thank you so much!

Josh and Isabelle

American family of five

Sinéad, I just wanted to thank you for the introduction to you, your services, and some of your contacts. You have a great service for families in Madrid and it’s very clear that you love what you do.

Kate Celauro

American family of six

Thanks for your advice last year.  Being new to expat life, now I know I should have found and hired you a year ago!  Going off of word of mouth has never proved successful for us.  An informed and unbiased voice would have made all the difference!


American family of five

About Me

I’m Sinéad, an Irish expat, bilingual Mum.

I’ve got 3 young children and I have been living in Spain (Granada, Valencia, Tenerife, Barcelona and Madrid) on and off for about 20 years. I have been in Madrid for probably the last 15 years with intermittent spells in London and Melbourne. Having lived here for so long I am well used to the Spanish way of living but I am a firm believer in preparing people for a slight culture shock upon arrival. Spain is different (that is why I love it!) and I want my clients to be prepared for this. Understanding local culture and knowing the language is a key part of the settling in process.

For many years I worked in Spanish Public schools teaching English and my children have also been through the application process. Knowing from my own experience that the process can be complex, I want to help and guide families through this.

I’ve experienced the headache that is Spanish bureaucracy and understand how all of this necessary paperwork can lead you to question why the hell you ever came here.

During my time here I have built up a solid network of contacts and cannot wait to help other families to discover as well as connect with their local community – arranging language classes, recommending suitable clubs and gyms, local meet ups and reliable English speaking services.

I want to help families moving to Spain feel at home in Spain – generally getting them settled in. En España se vive bien (life is good in Spain!).  This is a very popular saying and I want each of my clients to feel exactly like this.

Schedule your free introductory call to discuss your family’s unique requirements and how we can help and support you.

Sinéad xxx

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