I’m sinéad galvin

education consultant 

I Help families to find the best school for your child

School search

Let me help you to find the right school for your child in Madrid.


We can manage all of your family’s relocation requirements.

Finding Schools

Finding the Best school for Your child in Madrid can often be overwhelming. The abundance of school options can stall our decision-making and even wear away our well-being.

I take the weight off parents’ shoulders by providing practical support and advice throughout the entire process.


Having made the move myself, I have a deep understanding of a family’s needs when moving to a new city like Madrid. 

I will take stock of your children’s educational needs and family requirements such as housing, paperwork and everything else that is needed to get you settled into this wonderful city.

What is The School search Process Like?

We will always begin with an introductory call during which I will ask you a lot of questions ensuring a deeper understanding of your family’s needs. If your child is old enough, this is a wonderful opportunity to involve them in the search process.

From the moment we begin to work together I will provide clear, unbiased advice. All of my school recommendatons are based solely on your requirements and my work will always be in the best interest of your child and your family.

Communication will be fluid throughout the search process and I will always be available when needed. 

Together we will find the Best School for your Child in Madrid.

1. Understanding your needs

An indepth introductory call and detailed questionnaire will ensure that your needs and requirements are truly understood.

2. Providing an overview

I will guide you through the Spanish and international school system explaining how it really works. 

3. Detailed list of schools

I will then provide a detailed list of schools (availability confirmed) for your child. This is devised to match your requirements.

If required, we can also collaborate with a property search service to ensure property is within reasonable distance of the selected schools. 

4. School visits

If you are visiting Madrid ahead of move date, I can arrange school visits and assessment dates.  I can join you on any school visits as required. 

5. Enrolment and registration

I will provide support with admissions forms, registration fees and entry requirements, liaising with admissions.

Email and telephone support is ongoing throughout the school search process.

School search Packages

One hour online consultation

Ideal for families who need assistance with a specific issue or question but at this stage do not require a comprehensive school search.

Search and selection

Ideal for families who need help and advice in identifying two schools but prefer to navigate the enrolment process alone afterwards.

Search, selection and enrolment

Ideal for families who need support and advice every step of the way. Three schools will be selected and I will join you on school visits.

Late school applications

Ideal for families who wish to apply to public or  concertado schools but have missed the regular application dates (usually some time in April). 

About Me

Hello! My name is Sinéad. I’m an educational consultant,  founder of Steps into Spain and Mum of three.

For many years I worked in Spanish Public schools teaching English and my own three children have also been through the school application process.

Knowing from my own experience that the process can be complex, I want to help and guide families through this.

Madrid Education Guide - Steps into Spain

Madrid Education Guide -DOWNLOAD NOW

Enrolling your child in a Spanish state (público) or semi-private (concertado) school can be a little bewildering. The process itself while not difficult can be tedious and at times confusing (sorpresa!). How does it all work? How and when to apply?

Get your copy of the Madrid Eduction Guide to understand how it all really works. 


We truly could not have asked for a better partner to finding the right school for our kids. Our family needs were quite specific and challenging, and Sinead helped us not only navigate the Spanish educational system but was there as an advisor, a sounding board, and a friend who truly cared. Her instincts and the ability to understand our needs and steer us to the right direction was invaluable. We would absolutely recommend Steps into Spain to any families looking to move to Madrid.

Christina - Greek family

“She was so patient with us – she carefully listened to all my concerns and goals for our school. She offered perspective from her own personal experience and guided us each step of the way.”

Laurel - American family

Nos ya ayudado mucho a llegar a España con una decisión tomada respecto el come de nuestros hijos. Y estamos muy felices con dicha decisión ahora que comenzaron las clases!!

Ariadna - Argentinian family

Fun Facts About Schools in Spain

Starting school is a major step for any family and starting school in a foreign country is certainly daunting.

This enjoyable guide was created tto support families venturing into the Spanish education system for the first time.