the education hourglass

Ideal for families who need help and advice in one specific area


Private – Public – Concertado


Families who need assistance with a specific issue or questions like:

  • Advice on the different types of schools (private, public, concertado) and curriculums in Madrid to identify the best fit for their family’s needs.
  • Guidance on selecting a school that offers true Spanish immersion for children with limited or no Spanish language skills.
  • Need assistance in making an informed decision after visiting preferred schools.

  • *If a school search is required, you can upgrade to one of the more complete school search services – if this happens within one month, the cost of the Initial Consultation will be discounted 50%.


way of working

60 minute online consultation  + follow-up notes

  • Personalised guidance: This consultation meeting for families enables you to chat through all your doubts, concerns, goals and educational values with a professional education consultant.

  • In-depth exploration of questions: It gives you the opportunity to have an in-depth chat so that you can feel confident and excited about the next steps of planning your child’s education.

  • Decision-making support: This meeting enables you to explore in detail all your more general questions, as well as discuss schools which you have visited, but note that it is not a school search and will not include personalized recommendations.
  • Follow-up Notes: Receive detailed follow-up notes summarizing the key points discussed during the consultation.

Fees: 225€ (incl. VAT)