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Every year in March, the rankings of the best private schools in Spain are published. Leading publications include el Mundo and Forbes.

According to el Mundo, the top five private schools in Spain (listed below in order of priority) in 2024 are:

Mas Camarena (Valencia, private school)

Estudio (Madrid, private school)

La Salle Maravillas (Madrid, private school)

Manuel Peleitero (La Coruña, private school)

San Patricio (Madrid, private school)

In today’s digital world, parents are inundated with information when it comes to selecting the right school for their children. Among the plethora of resources available, el Mundo school rankings stand out as a valuable tool for evaluating private schools in Spain. However, understanding how these rankings are formulated and acknowledging their limitations is crucial to making well-informed decisions.

Deciphering the Rankings

El Mundo employs a meticulous methodology to assess schools, taking into account various factors such as the educational model, external recognition, quality management practices, and student evaluation methods. Each category is assigned a specific weight, reflecting its significance in determining the overall ranking.

Educational Model and Methodologies

At the core of el Mundo’ rankings is the assessment of the school’s educational model and methodologies. This category evaluates the centre’s approach to teaching and learning, including its commitment to innovation and its adherence to best practices in education. Schools that prioritise experiential learning, personalised instruction, and holistic development are likely to score higher in this category.

External Recognition and Prestige

A school’s reputation and prestige play a significant role in el Mundo rankings. Recognition from reputable organisations, awards, and accolades serve as indicators of the centre’s excellence and standing within the educational community. While external recognition is not the sole determinant of a school’s quality, it can provide valuable insights into its overall performance and impact.

Quality Management Models

Effective management practices are essential for the successful operation of any school. El Mundo considers various quality management models, such as the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization), to evaluate the centre’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in education. Schools that prioritise quality assurance and strategic planning are likely to excel in this category.

Educational Coverage

Comprehensive educational coverage is a hallmark of top-performing schools. El Mundo assesses the school’s ability to offer a wide range of academic programmes and extracurricular activities across all levels, from early childhood to secondary education. Schools that provide diverse learning opportunities and cater to the needs of a diverse student population are highly regarded in this category.

Student Evaluation Beyond Grades

While academic performance is important, el Mundo recognizes the value of holistic student evaluation. This category assesses the school’s consideration of other variables, such as social-emotional development, critical thinking skills, and creativity, in assessing student progress and achievement. Schools that adopt innovative assessment methods and prioritise the whole child approach are likely to receive higher scores in this category.

Affordability and Value for Money

The affordability of education is a significant consideration for parents. El Mundo evaluates the quality-price ratio of schools, taking into account additional services such as lunch, transportation, uniforms, and materials. Schools that offer excellent value for money and prioritise affordability without compromising quality are highly regarded in this category.

Supply-Demand Dynamics

The demand for school placements is another key factor in el Mundo’ rankings of private schools in Spain.. Private schools with high demand and limited availability, as evidenced by waiting lists and a large number of applications, are considered more competitive. This category provides insights into the school’s popularity and perceived value among parents and students.

Parent and Alumni Satisfaction

The satisfaction of parents and alumni is a testament to the school’s quality and effectiveness. el Mundo evaluates factors such as retention rates, alumni engagement, and parent feedback to gauge overall satisfaction levels. Schools that foster strong relationships with parents and alumni and prioritise their well-being and involvement are highly esteemed in this category.

Teacher Quality and Support

The quality of teaching staff is instrumental in delivering high-quality education. El Mundo assesses the stability, qualifications, and support provided to teachers, including opportunities for professional development and participation in educational research projects. Schools that invest in teacher training, mentorship programmes, and ongoing support are likely to excel in this category.

Multilingual Education and International Opportunities

In an increasingly globalised world, multilingual education and international opportunities are highly valued. El Mundo reviews the number of languages offered, the presence of international programmes and exchanges, and the school’s integration with global learning networks. Schools that promote cultural diversity, language proficiency, and global citizenship are esteemed in this category.

Academic and Extracurricular Programmes

A diverse range of academic and extracurricular programmes enriches the educational experience. El Mundo assesses the variety, quality, and accessibility of programmes such as arts, sports, STEM, and community service. Schools that provide robust academic and extracurricular offerings tailored to student interests and talents are highly regarded in this category.

Facilities and Resources

Adequate facilities and resources are essential for creating a conducive learning environment. El Mundo evaluates factors such as classroom space, laboratory facilities, sports amenities, and technological infrastructure. Schools that invest in modern facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and resources that support diverse learning needs are esteemed in this category

In conclusion, el Mundo rankings offer valuable insights into the quality and reputation of private schools in Spain, providing parents with valuable information at least at the beginning of their school search. But…whilst el Mundo rankings is as a useful tool, it’s essential to recognize its limitations and use it alongside other sources of information, such as recommendations from other parents, school visits, online forums, and consultations with education consultants. By understanding how el Mundo ranks private schools in Spain and using it alongside other  sources of information, parents can make well-informed decisions that align with their values, goals, and the unique needs of their children and family.

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