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It’s that time of year, the application process for public and concertado schools in Madrid will open on April 3rd – 16th (dates inclusive).  Whilst it is not the most complicated process, I don’t think that any Spanish state website is ever user friendly and Raíces most definitely is not!  For families who are entering the Spanish education system for the first time system it can be very daunting. For that reason I’ve prepared a mini outline of the  public and concertado school application process in Madrid including key dates and stages.

Late March / early April  (exact date TBC)

All public and concertado schools publish the number of available places in each year group. This will help to give you an idea of whether or not it is possible for your child to get a place based on the number of points that your family has.

Application submissions: April 3rd – 16th

  • School applications are made via secretaría virtual except if a technical difficulty makes it impossible to be able to do so. In this case you must print three hard copies and submit it at the educational centre which is your first choice (I recommend first calling the school to confirm secretary’s working hours). 
  • The admission application form must be signed by both parents, or legal representatives of the student, unless it is proven that it is impossible to do so or one of them does not hold parental authority, in which case they must present a responsible declaration.

Application is online using one of the following:

  • Certificado digital
  • La clave
  • Raices / roble log in details

There are several helpful resources provided by La Comunidad de Madrid. Another good one is this FAQ page. It can be very reassuring to see that lots of families struggle and have the same questions when accessing the Spanish education system for the very first time.

April 23rd

The schools publish a provisional list of students who have selected this school as their first choice.

April 24-26th

Admissions appeals.

May 7th

Provisional lists published including each students’ points. Students with SEN (Special Education Needs) are prioritized.

May 31st

Final and definitive school lists published.

June 13th – 28th

Enrolment period for infants and primary education (takes place at assigned school):

  • segundo infantil  – three to six years old
  • primaria – six to twelve years old

June 13th – July 5th

Enrolment period for secondary education (takes place at assigned school):

  • ESO (secondary education) – twelve to sixteen years old.

If you need assistance or could do with some guidance, get in touch – I offer a range of school search packages depending on the type of support you need. 

Sinéad Galvin is an educational consultant and founded Steps into Spain (a boutique educational and relocation consultancy located in Madrid) to help families find the right school for their child in Madrid. She uses her professional and personal experience of Spanish schools, the Spanish education system and the Spanish way of life to ensure that parents are knowledgeable and informed about what to expect and can secure the best school for their child.

Steps into Spain will take stock of your children’s educational needs and overall family requirements (housing, paperwork and general settling in). Our trusted and expert service is provided to families who are moving to Madrid from abroad. And also, to families that already live here and need some extra guidance and support.

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